Want to try out an itabag in person? Find us at the following conventions!


AnimeFest – August 17-20th Dallas, TX

Matsuricon – August 24-26th 2018 Columbus, OH

San Japan – August 31st-September 2nd 2018 San Antonio, TX

Izumicon – August 31st-September 2nd 2018

Colossalcon East – September 7-9th Pocono Mts, PA

Anime Weekend Atlanta – September 20-23rd 2018 Atlanta, GA

DragCon NYC – September 28-30th New York, NY

Anime USA – October 19-21st 2018, Washington, DC

Nekocon – November 2-4th 2018, Hampton, VA

Onicon – November 9-11th 2018 Galveston, TX

Yamacon – November 30-December 2nd 2018 Pigeon Forge, TN

Holiday Matsuri – December 14-16th 2018 Orlando, FL

Anime Los Angeles – January 10-13th 2018 Ontario, CA

Ichibancon – January 10-13th 2018 Charlotte, NC

Katsucon – February 15-17th 2019 Inner Harbor, MD

Shutocon – March 22-24th Lansing, MI

Sakuracon – April 19-21st 2019 Seattle, WA

Tekkoshokon – April 2019 Pittsburgh, PA

Anime Next – June 7-9th 2019 Atlantic City, NJ

Anime Expo – July 4-7th 2019 Los Angeles, CA

Mechacon – 2019 New Orleans, LA


Where will we be again next year? Ohayocon, Kamicon, Triad Anime Con, Nashicon, Anime Boston, Anime Detour, Zenkaikon, Anime Central, Momocon, Animazement, Colossalcon, Portcon Maine, Metrocon, Anime Iowa, and Otakon to name a few…!

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