How-To: Foam Board Inserts

One of the most common questions that we get is “how do I decorate the open face bags?” The easiest answer is to create a foam board insert. This display method is super quick, easy and inexpensive as well as great for ANY ita bag, not only the open face bags. By creating an insert for bags that already have a provided display flap you can help protect the integrity of the bag construction. Additionally this allows you to introduce contrasting color schemes to make your items on display pop. You can even make multiple inserts for one base bag if you want.

Here’s what you will need:

  • Any ita bag of your choosing
  • A piece of craft foam or cardboard
  • Fabric of your choosing*
  • Strong glue (can be substituted with additional safety pins)
  • Safety pins
  • scissors

*when choosing your fabric we recommend using something that is cotton-like or thicker. The thinner or silkier the fabric, the more likely it is to run when you poke it full of holes with safety pins.

Step 1- Cut your foam or cardboard to the size of your bag. If you are using a non-open face bag such as a heart, ribbon or cat ear bag make sure that the insert fits in the provided display pocket. For heart bags make sure that the insert fits in the entire pocket, not just where the heart window is.The insert should fit comfortably enough that it is snug but also easily removed.

Step 2- After checking to make sure that your insert is correctly sized, cut your fabric of choice to be 1-4 inches larger than the foam or cardboard. It should be large enough that it can be wrapped around the foam completely and either glued or safety pinned to the other side.

Step 3- From here there are several ways to continue depending on your personal preference.

3.a.- If you decided to glue down your fabric you can use safety pins on the outside to attach any charms or keychains that you wish to display. We carry packs of safety pins in either single color, sweet, or savory packs to assist with this. By using colored safety pins you can either make the pins blend with the background fabric and be less conspicuous, or use a contrasting color to the fabric you chose to make them pop.

3.b.- If you used safety pins to secure your fabric you can either pin them from the front as suggested in 3.a. OR you can pin them from behind and hide the safety pins from view as much as possible.

Step 4- Once you have arranged all of your pins, charms and knick-knacks and are happy with them, pop your insert into your bag and make any necessary adjustments. There you go! Your own beautiful, customized bag is ready to show off!

We hope this tutorial was helpful! If you have any additional questions or would like to suggest a tutorial for us to make next, please feel free to contact us!


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2 comments on “How-To: Foam Board Inserts

  1. Tsuyu on said:

    So recently I just made a Ita Bag Insert, and I put the keychains on the safety pins but the insert seems to be saggy, or flipped downward. Why is this?

  2. Hi! In this example, were the safety pins pinned through the craft foam itself? And would you recommend using a fleece type material for the cloth? Or would that be too thick? Thanks!