Itabags: A Brief Introduction

What is an itabag?

An “itabag” is a great way to show off your fan merchandise, and stands for a Japanese phrase that translates as, “Ouch! My wallet hurts!” Cover your bag in keychains, buttons, bromides, plushies, and more to show off your passion! The plastic cover keeps your precious items safe and clean!

How much stuff do I need?

We offer many sizes, so even if you start with one or two items, you can start small. Once you start building, you may find that you tend to attract people’s spares and strays of your fave.

Are there rules for decorating?

Nope! The “traditional” Japanese way is to choose one specific product and tile the sides, but you can choose to use one of each product, or even laminate art of your OC’s and stick them on with safety pins. Go wild, use your creative expression!

Most itabags are for a single character. But you can make one for a ship, for a team, for a whole fandom, or even just a collection of everything you love all in the same place. It’s up to you!

What do I need to start?

A bag, at least one pin/strap/button/picture, and some safety pins. That’s it!

How can I make it special?

Your imagination is the limit! Add ruffles, add lights, add rhinestones, add tassles, organize your stuff into patterns, custom-print special fabric and line it yourself!

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