Item of the Week: Chains- Color and Fancy Bois

Our decorative chains come in multiple colors and various fancy styles. These can be used to add some glamour to your itabag or as a display method. Whether you have a lot of stuff or not, or if you just wanna get creative with your decorating, chains are a great way to hang. This is especially useful if you don’t have a lot of safety pins to work with since you can just attach charms and straps straight to the chain itself!

Chains also add a lot of versatility! You can show off your creativity and make some super stellar shapes, or you can go low key and use them to hang items nearly invisibly.

Our recommended first step is to close the two ends with a safety pin! (We LOVE to pair our colored chains with our super cute safety pin packs!!) This allows you to make the chain shorter, give it more layers of display area, and to attach both ends to your fabric.

** Try using contrasting colored chains and pins to give your bag an additional pop of added color!

Use bright colors on dark fabrics to have a cool contrast and show off your chain, or use chains that match the color of your fabric to Go Ghost and hide the chain as much as possible! Like all things in itabag creation, it’s up to you!

To display items on a chain simply pin the chain in your desired configuration and then use the provided clips on your charms, keychains or rubber straps to clip them on.

And TADA! After you have the chain looking super cute and working really hard to display all of your stuff, just slip the insert back in your bag and live your best life!

** Want to add a little extra flair? Try experimenting with the shapes you can make with different chain and safety pin combinations! Try letting the ends dangle or adding cute accessories.


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