Item of the Week: Rhinestone Stickers

Do you want your bag to be as glittery as possible? Well do we have some stickers for you! With the help of these super sticky rhinestones you can give your bag a slight sparkle or you can shine like a prized Damien Hirst diamond encrusted skull.

To bedazzle your bag you will first need to get yourself a fresh set of rhinestone stickers from our shop!

Next, make sure you are working in a cool room with low humidity.* To attach your rhinestones simply peel them off of the plastic backing and place them in the desired configuration.

*Our rhinestones are super sticky and adhere to almost any surface permanently but a hot and humid work space will damage the glue!

The glue may take some time to fully adhere. If you place rhinestones incorrectly, you should be able to move them around and fix them but be sure not to damage the glue. The more you move them around, the weaker the glue will be. If you have trouble placing the rhinestones try using tweezers!

If you want to be extra fancy, try mixing rhinestone styles and colors!!

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