One Shoulder Itabag Backpack

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Great for long con days, this backpack prioritizes your comfort. It’s wide, padded shoulder strap fits nicely over one shoulder or across the body. Paired with a medium size display pocket and zipper pocket that will fit all your con essentials, this bag is as useful as it is cute!

Dimensions: 11x7x3 inches

1 review for One Shoulder Itabag Backpack

  1. Isabelle beebe

    I bought this bag at anime Boston 2019 and I have to say I was scared that it would be a pretty cheap design. I was really scared of spending so much on a bag for it to break really soon but it didn’t! I use it like a purse and carry it everywhere with me and I couldn’t be happier! I’m still scared of it breaking of course but I think I would still buy a new one if it did! It’s such a nice bag and it shows off all my small things I got at anime Boston! It’s an awesome purse and is filled with great memories.

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