Are you tired of all of the tacky silver safety pins in your life? Do you want a unique way to hang all of your faves? Are you worried that your bag is becoming an interminable abyss of wackness? If you answered yes to any or all of[…]

Do you want your bag to be as glittery as possible? Well do we have some stickers for you! With the help of these super sticky rhinestones you can give your bag a slight sparkle or you can shine like a prized Damien Hirst diamond encrusted skull. To[…]

Our handy-dandy five ring safety pins are a fantastic addition to any itabag! With these specialized safety pins you can display up to five charms or other decorative items with style. These safety pins come in four different colors to match any color scheme and are sure to[…]

Our decorative chains come in multiple colors and various fancy styles. These can be used to add some glamour to your itabag or as a display method. Whether you have a lot of stuff or not, or if you just wanna get creative with your decorating, chains are[…]